My Love for All Things Antique


My husband knows me and loves me well. For Christmas this year he found me Spode Stafford White dinner plates to match my lovely Spode tea cups. To be perfectly honest, I wanted this specific pattern because that’s what they use in the Downton Abbey TV series. The pieces are timeless and classic and, in my opinion, are exactly what china should look and feel like. I also received a set of Wallace Baroque silver plated candlesticks. They are perched beautifully on our dining room table. I used to love the look and smell of brand new things but more and more I’m attracted to all things old and antique. Why?

I love the character, the longevity, the history in the pieces. I like the idea that these pieces might actually last for my children and their children. And I’ve also come to a “carpe diem” place in my day to day activities. I’ve decided never to keep things I love boxed up or hidden only to be brought out for “special occasions.” No, God has given us each day as a gift and so everyday is its own special occasion.

We ought to live life to the fullest and gratefully drink up all the blessings He’s given us. So in my little world that means brewing tea and sipping it out of my fanciest Spode china cups, joyfully as unto the Lord. And lighting the candles in the silver candlesticks and not worrying that the baby will knock them over or put them in her mouth. And using cloth table linens because folks, there is always bleach. In fact, our family is very seriously considering buying a white couch…AND having more children. Sound like a contradiction? This lady helped me see the light. But I digress.

Antiquity has given me a better perspective on things as a new stay-at-home mom. People were required to do things differently before technology. I am truly grateful for dishwashers and washing machines and microwaves, not to mention computers and iPhones. But I brew that cup of tea and drink it slowly exactly the same way some great lady did several hundred years ago. I feel connected to her. I think to myself “If she had time to make this tea AND hand wash all her laundry, surely I can get through a few thousand more disposable diapers.” Amen.



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