Letters to Charlotte

Dear Charlotte,

As I type this you are supposed to be napping in your swing in the nursery. You will likely fuss a couple more times before you actually fall asleep but you need to power down for your morning nap. It’s funny that as time goes on, it seems to me that you will always be suspended somewhere between newborn and now. What I mean is that unlike you, I will always have that point of reference. You won’t remember when you stop taking a morning nap but I will. And even now I compare it to when you slept most hours of the morning. You won’t remember when you went from Size 1 diapers to Size 2 or when you sat up by yourself the first time, but I will. And I compare your Size 2 diapers to your newborn ones and weep because you’re growing so fast. I understand now what moms and dads mean when they say, “You’ll always be my baby.” I know you’ll grow up Charlotte, you’re doing it before my very eyes. But I have known you from your very first moment onward and I won’t be able to help but compare backwards to see how far you’ve come.

What I want you to know right now is how hugely and deeply I love you. When your dad and I decided we wanted to bring you into our lives we knew it would mean challenges. We are prepared, and have already had to do things “for your own good” (like vaccination shots…and getting dressed, you hate getting dressed right now). And there will be plenty more discipline down the road but just know that you are a precious gem to us, a treasure of invaluable worth, and whatever we do in discipline it’s because we love you and want to be faithful parents to you. God has given you to us as a gift and we want to be good stewards of your life. I hope you can understand both that kind of love we as parents have for you and the kind of Never-Stopping, Never-Giving-Up, Unbreakable, Always and Forever Love God has for you.

Now may the Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; may the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.





2 thoughts on “Letters to Charlotte

  1. Oh my goodness! This is precious and beautiful!!! I feel the same way about you and your sisters! You will always be my babies!! I love you so much! I’m so proud of the woman that you have become! You are a wonderful wife and mother! Dad would be proud of you too! Love, Mom PS…I’m crying!!!

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