Thankful Thursday

Today I join with other bloggers who devote space on their site each Thursday to gratefully acknowledge the Lord’s providences and blessings of the past week. I thank the Lord for…

  • Weekends. And the opportunities to do things like the “Cirque de la Symphonie” I attended with my husband, mom, sisters/brothers-in-law, niece & nephew, and some friends. It was a variety show of circus performers doing acrobatics, contortions, and juggling along with live classical music. The Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra performed beautifully and the acts were breathtaking. Everyone loved it.


  • Meeting deadlines. I don’t talk about my “real work” that often (because I don’t want to bore you) but my coworkers and I met a big deadline this week for publishing all the streamflow records for the state of Colorado online. This frees me up to work on other projects and focus on the weekend ahead. Thank you Jesus.
  • Free books. Yes, I know I was thankful for books last week…but this is different because this week I won books! I’m so very grateful to Luma Simms at Gospel Grace for her generous giveaways. I won The Organized Heart by Staci Eastin last Friday and am so excited to dig into it! And then, coincidentally, Byron Yawn put out a Twitter trivia question (asking for the location of a picture) for a copy of his newest book: Suburbianity. I tweeted him back the right answer and won that book too! How blessed I’ve been this week!
I already received this one in the mail!

I already received this one in the mail!

  • Scripture. I’ve had a lot of questions this week (my pastor can attest to this as he has been on the receiving end of most of them). I’m thankful that scripture is inerrant, consistent, and clear. Sometimes it may take work to see “the answers,” but I’m grateful that scripture has been preserved through time as the infallible word of God and that I can trust Him completely.
  • Groomers. Dog groomers to be exact. There’s a sweet lady at our church that grooms the Wendy dog for us. Wendy desperately needed a cut–and doesn’t she look pretty now?

Wendy Cut

Oh give thanks to the LORD; call upon his name;
make known his deeds among the peoples!
1 Chronicles 16:8

What are you thankful for today?


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Wow I didn’t know that Pastor Yawn had another book out. Praise God for His Sovereignty…that you won two things and that I stumbled upon this post and found out about this book with a great title. I read Yawn’s previous book on fatherhood and it was very good (reviewed it on my blog sometime ago as well). Let us know what you think

    • Hi Jim, so glad you stopped by & found out about Pastor Yawn’s new book! My husband already finished it (it’s only 200 pages or so) and thought it was excellent. After I read it I’ll probably do a review. Thanks for your interest!

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