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Snow Lamp Post

It is a good time to round up some web variety for you because there is many much goodness happening out there:

Ligonier Ministries National Conference – Do you know R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries? Yes? Then let’s be best friends. No? Then get ready to live. Just go peruse the homepage for a little while and soak in all the Gospel and theological awesomeness. Then, when you have a few hours to spare while you fold laundry or cook dinner or whatever, you can listen to/watch all the main sessions of their most recent conference for FREE!

Pilgrim Theology Infographic – This pdf from Zondervan has been floating around Twitter this week. It’s based on Michael Horton’s book Pilgrim Theology and gives a visual outline of key doctrines. I love visual theology.

When Sparrows Fall – This 54 minute video of a sermon delivered by Britt Merrick of Reality church in Santa Barbara made quite an impact on me. This man’s 8-year-old daughter recently passed away of cancer and this message speaks to the powerful and sufficient presence of God in our suffering.

Quite fascinating I had these two articles about mentorship bookmarked back to back:

The Generation Gap Among Christian Women – An open letter to Christian women over 40 published in Christianity Today by Pam Lau. She says: “We, as an older generation, have a depth of faith to offer this younger generation of women, who want to grow spiritually and want relationships with women in the church.”

How to be Mentored without a Mentor – “You may be longing for a formal mentor, someone who can sit down and speak into your life each week. Pray and ask God for that tremendous gift. He may grant it. But if he doesn’t, or until he does, seek out resources already available to you in order to be mentored—even at a distance—by other Christians.” Good word from Jodi Ware at the Gospel Coalition blog.

And one thing worship-related:

What does Spirit-Filled Worship Look Like? – Really good balance here from Zac Hicks. I like how he doesn’t condemn “goosebumps” in worship, but also speaks to other important work of the Holy Spirit (such as proclaiming Christ to us). Very helpful.

“Either the worship leader stubbed his toe, or his ‘praise grimace’ got stuck.”
Church Curmudgeon


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