Web Variety

February Web Variety

This was a difficult week for me to create this post because there were so many great articles! I pared it down from 40 for your convenience. First, poetry:

5 Reasons Christians Should Read Poetry – I’m into it right now and you should be too. Reason #1: God speaks through poetry…go read the rest, they’re great. This is from Mathew Sims at Grace for Sinners.

Writing Poetry – Where Do I Start? – John Piper answers this question on the “AskPastorJohn” Soundcloud podcast. He recommends reading Ted Kooser’s The Poetry Home Repair Manual: Practical Advice for Beginning Poets and Mary Oliver’s Poetry HandbookHe also recommends taking a class and memorizing Psalms.

In other news…

My Train Wreck Conversion – This is a fascinating, devastating, beautiful conversion story. A leftist, lesbian professor is converted to Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit through loving, genuine Christians. It’s a fantastic story that will leave you both encouraged and convicted. May I have the kind of love that the Christian pastors in this story have. (Heard through Ligon Duncan, on Christianity Today).

The Nature of God’s Daily Grace – “Don’t despair when you must draw near again a mere 24 hours after the last time you felt fed and satisfied. That is the very nature of this grace and this relationship with the Father who provides it.” Great reminder from Wendy Alsup at Theology for Women.

Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Worship Service Nathan Sutliff gives both spiritual and practical advice for growth in leading corporate worship. Transitions are an area I’m constantly needing improvement. Love all his ideas.

Jesus Sings For Us: The Good News about Our Bad Worship – He had me at the Narnia reference, but the whole article is an awesome reminder that Jesus himself declares God’s praises in our midst (Hebrews 2:11-12). Written by Zac Hicks at the Liberate blog.

Top Ten Reasons Our Kids Leave the Church – This was probably the best thing I read all week. If you have kids or are involved in kids/teen/young adult ministry or are a human being in the 21st century, you should read this article. So convicting, timely, and poignant. Thank you Marc for writing it and Kim Shay for tweeting it.

And one thing lighthearted…

Paperman – This one wins the Internet for me this week. How I love Disney.

“Our drummer hasn’t seen many dangers or toils, but he’s sure gone through a lot of snares.”
Church Curmudgeon

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