Web Variety


Some tasty morsels of internet goodness this week:

The Worship Leader as Sculptor of the Imagination – “It’s easy to ponder the effects of total depravity on our minds, as we can all confess to having evil thoughts, with even our best thoughts being a mixed bag of good and bad.  But have we ever thought about how our imagination has been corrupted by the fall?” Zac Hicks explores this question.

Four Reasons You Should Invest in College-Age Christians – A compelling and convicting piece by Jon Nielson. I’m so thankful for those who had this heart and reached out to disciple me during college. I can attest to what Jon says, it has certainly set my “spiritual trajectory.”

Multi-vitamins or a balanced diet? – Interesting scientific findings and spiritual application? Yes please! Thanks to Kim Shay for tweeting this one. It’s over at the Not So Common Sense Blog.

Grace for Monotonous Work – “Somehow it seems easier to view our work as reflecting God’s glory as Creator in our creativity. Creativity is a reflection of our Creator. But how do we glorify God when engaged in the repetitive work that seems to be completely devoid of creativity?” Andre Yee answers this question at the Desiring God blog.

Seeing Christ in the Worst Christians – Five pieces of advice from David Murray at Head-Heart-Hand to not get so depressed over the failings of other Christians. So encouraging!

A Simple Productivity Tip for Writers… – Keep your writing app open. If it’s in your face and the first thing you see, you are more likely to do it. I agree.

“Saw a Subaru crash into a Prius today. There was granola everywhere.”
Sammy Rhodes


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