Web Variety

Avail yourself to a collection of interesting things I’ve come across on the web this past week:

Do Truck Drivers Matter to God? – Paul Rude answers this question over at The Gospel Coalition blog. He works to crush the myth of vocational shame in Christianity.

Gospel Amnesia in the Local Church – “Have you ever felt ashamed or guilty because you can’t seem to keep up with someone else’s sanctification? On the other side: have you ever let words slip from your lips (e.g. how many times a week you do family worship, what books you are reading, which parenting and education method you are using, etc.) to show how far along your family is on the sanctification spectrum? In other words, have you ever ‘preached Christ’ out of envy, rivalry, or selfish ambition (Philippians 1:15–17)? I certainly have.” Luma Simms ebook Gospel Amnesia released this week through Gospel Centered Discipleship.

Why I Can’t Be Your Friend Today Lore Ferguson discusses prioritizing and balancing your relationships. It’s worth a read.

Just Do It – Young mothers can find time to be in the word! My friend Kim Shay wrote this encouraging piece for the Women of God Magazine.

Packer on Owen on Mortification “Sin, he told me, is a blind, anti-God, egocentric energy in the fallen human spiritual system, ever fomenting self-centred and self-deceiving desires, ambitions, purposes, plans, attitudes, and behaviours. Now that I was a regenerate believer, born again, a new creation in Christ, sin that formerly dominated me had been de-throned but was not yet destroyed.”

Trombone Silliness – Unless you are made of stone, this video will make you smile. HT Nathan Bingham


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