Thankful Thursday

Wendy enjoying her new bed

Wendy enjoying her new bed

  • I’m thankful that I have not gotten the flu! The news says it’s widespread throughout the country and many people I know have had it. Thank you Jesus for good health
  • I’m thankful that the Wendy dog enjoys her new bed and that it keeps her lovely Wendy-hairs somewhat contained while she’s on the couch
  • I’m thankful that the temperature has made its way back up into the 40’s and 50’s rather than the bone-chilling teens. It almost bodes of spring…*sigh* yes, I know it’s still only January
  • I’m thankful that in only two more weeks we will get to see my husband’s family in Minnesota (although I’m sure it will be bitter cold there) and we’ll get to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday together
  • I’m thankful for you reading this blog! It may not seem like much, but you reading it makes it that much more fun. Thank you for adding joy to my life by sharing in it!
  • And I’m thankful for life and breath and for all of God’s many many blessings!

(Copying Persis at Tried With Fire)


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